Everyday's a Monday

Human Wellbeing: Darlene Marshall

April 09, 2023 Joshua Coffman Season 3 Episode 10
Everyday's a Monday
Human Wellbeing: Darlene Marshall
Show Notes

I am honored to have Darlene Marshall on the show!!  Darlene is a Holistic Wellness Coach who's been working in the fitness and wellness space since 2012. She's an expert at the intersection of fitness, wellness, and well-being. In 2021 Darlene was named America's Favorite Trainer in 2021 by BurnAlong. She hosts the Better Than Fine podcast on the NASM Podcasting Network is certified with NASM in Wellness Coaching and Personal Training and has a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania.  Darlene was a contributing author to NASM's Certified Wellness Coaching course as well as author of The Better Than Fine Workbook and Personal Trainer and Wellness Coach: A Guide for Fitness Professionals Beyond the Gym Floor. She has additional certifications in Nutrition Coaching, Neurolinguistic Programming, and 200hr YTT in Alignment Yoga and training in sleep coaching, motivational interviewing, meditation, and mindfulness. You can find her on Instagram @darlene.coach and Substack coachdar.substack.com 

We dive into the 5 most important things to live a balanced life, the importance of using our environmental dispositions to create a growth mindset to find success and how to love who you are in a world of chaos.  

We discuss upward spiriling, what that means, how we can apply it to our lives and truly begint to live the life we desire. 

This is an amazing episode!!!

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