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Unrestricted Warfare: China's Strategy to Destroy America

March 07, 2023 Joshua Coffman Season 3 Episode 8
Everyday's a Monday
Unrestricted Warfare: China's Strategy to Destroy America
Show Notes

On this weeks episode we are going to exposes the shocking truth about the deadly drug taking America by storm, Xylazine.   reveals the harrowing impact that the potent and lethal drug, Xylazine, is having on our society, specifically in Kensington, PA, which has now been dubbed "the walking dead."

In this no-holds-barred investigation, we dive deep into the dark world of the drug trade and how China's unrestricted warfare tactics are behind the proliferation of Xylazine on our streets. This podcast will leave you shocked and outraged as we uncover the corruption of our politicians and the sinister plot to undermine America's strength and stability.

Here are some potential bullet points to add:

  • In Philadelphia's Kensington neighborhood, drug use and addiction have reached epidemic levels, leading to widespread suffering and tragedy among the community's residents.
  • The drug Xylazine, which has been linked to a number of overdoses and deaths in the United States, is at the center of this crisis.
  • Many believe that China is involved in the production and distribution of Xylazine and other dangerous drugs, and that their unrestricted warfare strategy is being used to destroy American society.
  • Despite the clear dangers posed by Xylazine, many politicians and officials are turning a blind eye to the issue and failing to take meaningful action to address it.
  • The impact of this crisis on Kensington and other communities like it cannot be overstated, with addiction, crime, and death all taking a heavy toll on those affected.
  • By delving into the complexities of this issue and exploring the connections between drug use, politics, and society, this podcast aims to shed light on the dark truths behind the Xylazine epidemic and to inspire listeners to take action to make a difference.

Join us as we explore the devastating effects of Xylazine on men, the subversion of our youth through social media, and the insidious influence of China's spies in our government.

This podcast will leave you with a new perspective on the dangers facing our society and a call to action to take back our communities from the deadly grip of Xylazine and those who seek to profit from its destruction. Don't miss a single episode – tune in now and spread the word.

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