Everyday's a Monday

Never Give Up: Move Through Your Fear

May 26, 2022 Joshua Coffman Season 2 Episode 19
Everyday's a Monday
Never Give Up: Move Through Your Fear
Show Notes

In Today’s episode we focus on the following areas 

7 Common Obstacles to your Goals and How to Navigate Through Them:

  1. Lack of Creativity 
  2. Negative Thinking 
  3. Lagging Confidence 
  4. Focus Follies
  5. Refusing to put in the effort
  6. Time Traps
  7. Vague Aspirations

Applied Application Navigating Obstacles: Tools

  1. Take responsibility to keep creativity going
  2. Arrest negative thoughts
  3. Review past achievements
  4. Commit to goals
  5. Work
  6. Clarify goals

How Each Hurdle You Pass Makes You Stronger:

  1. Learn how to embrace negative situation as an opportunity to sail right through if it ever raises its ugly head again.
  2. Learning how to implement strategic thinking and experiences in order to conquer obstacles 
  3. The battle field is the mind, therefore we must equip ourselves with the mindset of a warrior, commit to the cause and move forward in all aspects of our lives.

Remove Fear and Eliminate Many of Your Challenges:

Most of the obstacles in life are influenced by fear and our inability to dal with it in an appropriate way.  We discuss how to understand those fears and use them to our advantage. 

Some examples that I discuss that directly involves fear in our lives:

  1. Relationship issues
  2. Money issues
  3. Stuck in a job we dislike

How Do We Handle Our Fears That Are Holding Us Back?

  1. Realize that fear is uncomfortable but it isn’t a good reason to avoid doing something.
  2. Think about the fearful activity and simply breathe through it
  3. Make a list of the ways that fear is holding you back.  
  4. Remember a time you were fearful and still made a good choice
  5. Practice dealing with discomfort.
  6. Realize that discomfort and fear are frequently good things.
  7. Learn to work through fear and gain the ability to make positive choices

Direct Solutions: The Fastest Way To Resolve Challenges

Fear drives us all.  We look at the fastest way to solve your challenges by using a Positive Psychology Method Called Direct Solutions.  Direct Solutions require the ability to deal with discomfort at a high level.

  1. Practice daily
  2. Dare yourself.  
  3. Complex challenges
  4. Evaluate the direct approach
  5. Micro-dosing of discomfort
  6. Identify significant challenges in your life

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