Everyday's a Monday

Achieving Your Goals Regardless of Obstacles

May 20, 2022 Joshua Coffman Season 2 Episode 18
Everyday's a Monday
Achieving Your Goals Regardless of Obstacles
Show Notes

Achieving Your Goals Regardless of Obstacles

External obstacles are no match for my inner strength

  1. Using Affirmations to help build effective habits and attitudes
  2. Using positive self-talk throughout the day to boot confidence
  3. Meditation helps build inner strength

What can I do to prevent more challenges from appearing in my life?

How can I balance overcoming challenges with a healthy lifestyle?

How to Conquer Challenges

  1. Create goals that help overcome any challenge
  2. Have inner and outer strength to find success
  3. Find inspiration to see past challenges

Who can I read out for support as I fight a difficult challenge? 

Do I waste time comparing about challenges, instead of taking action to overcome them?

How can I encourage myself to become action-oriented?

Is my inner dialogue with myself positive and uplifting, or negative and berating?

Unleashing Your Mental Strength

Major Elements of Mental Strength:

  1. Practice mindfulness
  2. Be conscientious
  3. Develop patience
  4. Remain flexible
  5. Live authentically

Positive Habits That Build Mental Strength

  1. Delay gratification
  2. Accept discomfort
  3. Focus on your priorities
  4. Find Inner motivation
  5. Build your confidence
  6. Condition your body
  7. Think Positive 
  8. Hang in there!

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