Everyday's a Monday

The Power of Personal Responsibility

April 30, 2022 Joshua Coffman Season 2 Episode 15
Everyday's a Monday
The Power of Personal Responsibility
Show Notes

My guest today is Branch Isole.  He is author of twenty-two books in four genres.The power of personal responsibility, or its avoidance, is his writing focus. His self-discovery themes span a wide range of reflective identity situations and scenarios every adult recognizes. His stories explore concepts and actions of struggle and relationship dynamics across a broad spectrum. 

The world we live in is fast paced and often cobbled together by confusion. No matter one’s career path or personal situation, we each experience challenges. Fallout from damaged relationships or daily struggle can be similar no matter who we are, or where we live.

Today Branch and I will be discussing and diving deep into  


Life 101: Albatross or Millstone?

Building a relationship with Jesus

How man should walk in this world

What characteristic can we take from the Bible to apply to our lives today

Facing our inner demons 

Seeing the light in this world of darkness

Become a Legend!

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