Everyday's a Monday

Butchered: Lies & Corruption of Big Pharma

April 21, 2022 Joshua Coffman Season 2 Episode 14
Everyday's a Monday
Butchered: Lies & Corruption of Big Pharma
Show Notes

On Today's show  I have a incredible guest, Dr. Robert Yoho.  He spent three decades as a cosmetic surgeon after a career as an emergency physician. His generalist training gives him perspective and allows him to avoid favoring any medical specialty. 

​He has had little dealings with hospitals, big Pharma, or insurance companies before he wrote this book. No one has ever considered him a “whale” prescriber or device implanter. He retired from medical practice in 2019.

✪ American Society of Cosmetic Breast Surgery: fellow, trustee, officer, and past-president.

✪ American Board of Cosmetic Surgery: passed board exams and twice re-certified.

✪ American Board of Emergency Medicine: passed board exams and twice re-certified.

✪ Fellow American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (inactive).

✪ New Body Cosmetic Surgery Center: founder & director (inactive).

✪ American Association Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC) accredited surgical/medical practice for over 25 years. 

Healthcare is the top cause of all our overdue debts and personal bankruptcy. Our medical spending per person is double that of other countries’, but fully half the treatments are ineffective or harmful. Immense, predatory industries such as angioplasty and coronary artery bypass surgery victimize us. These procedures cause complications and deaths, but few patients survive even a day longer. Most back and endoscopic knee surgeries are equally worthless.

Seventy percent of us are on prescriptions, and 20 percent take over five. One in six uses psychiatric medicine, which commonly causes irreversible brain damage and premature death. Millions are now addicted to prescription opioids. Fifty-thousand people die each year from overdoses.

The FDA allows big Pharma to falsify the studies required to patent drugs. These corporations hire armies of ghostwriters to stuff websites and medical journal articles with marketing lies. Finding the truth is now nearly impossible. But all this gets overlooked as the companies pay billions of dollars in criminal settlements nearly every year.

Money short-circuits everyone’s integrity, but there is an alternative. Patients and doctors can still prevail. Learn the system, and you can too.

Dr Yoho and I go deep on the Transhumanist movement, how the goal is the ultimately connect man and machine along with Covid, the vaccinations and the Great Reset.

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