Everyday's a Monday

Nut Up or Shut Up: Becoming a Man with Chris Plourde

March 25, 2022 Joshua Coffman Season 2 Episode 10
Everyday's a Monday
Nut Up or Shut Up: Becoming a Man with Chris Plourde
Show Notes

Today I am talking with Chris Plourde, Conscious Performance Coach.  Chris has spent over 20 years coaching individuals to become their most authentic self.  He has coached and worked with top athletes, Fortune 500 companies and even military special ops.  As a Former Master Trainer and Presenter, he has created and presented content both nationally and internationally, specifically on the mental and physical aspects of training for peak performance in all areas of life.  

We discuss the importance of being able to express ourselves as men, why men need to tap into their emotional side so they can gain better insight to who they are and what they want to become.  

Key Topics:
Shadow Work
Controlling the Darkness
Rediscovering your Authentic Self

Get up.  Get After it! 

Where you can contact Chris Plourde:

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