Everyday's a Monday

Valuing Yourself: Reynaldo Santana

March 05, 2022 Joshua Coffman Season 2 Episode 7
Everyday's a Monday
Valuing Yourself: Reynaldo Santana
Show Notes

How through the failure of business and honest conversations in life we learn to value ourselves and create an entrepreneur mindset. Ray and I discuss what has allowed for him to build out multiple successful business in a a plethora of fields.

1. ESG Housing Inc - www.esghousing.org

2. Impact Annex - 8 Week Program  www.impactannex.org 

3. Mentoring: https://www.reynaldosantana.org/sponsors 


Reynaldo has his hands in many pots in the world of business.

Reynaldo is a visionary, purpose-driven business leader who thinks that via their businesses, entrepreneurs can improve the world, and is on a mission to assist professional business owners in doing so. He is an entrepreneur, investor, author, speaker, educator, philanthropist, and contributor with a long list of accomplishments.

Former tech executive whose 10-year career spanned several of the world’s largest military, government agencies, leading award-winning projects for clients including Lockheed Martin, U.S Navy, U.S Air Force, Disney, NASA, BMW and managing a budget of 30 Million.

He also has other non-profit organizations where Reynaldo focuses on underserved communities to teach them about real estate, sales and marketing.

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